Easier Stoned

by Sean Vegas

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Livin in this home, nothin seems to go right.
Wakin up at dawn, to pull the covers back to my side.
I know it's hard we've grown apart,
but who gets the records who gets the car?

Breaking up was right, now I'm out on the town again
Dancin never felt so strange, when I had someone holdin my hand.
I think it might be easier stoned,
is that what it's like bein alone?

Livin in this home, startin to feel right again.
Wakin up at noon, orange juice and a glass of gin.
I think I like this livin alone,
I got a dog, we both need a bone.


released April 20, 2015
Written by Sam Tucker
Guitar and Main Vocals: Sam Tucker
Mandolin, Percussion, and Harmony: Michael Belsito
Harmonies: Conor Davidson and Nate Gabrielli



all rights reserved


Sean Vegas Eugene, Oregon

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